Updated programme as at 2 February 2018

Day 1
Thursday, 8 March 2018

Opening Keynote Address

How Do Evolving Client Objectives Affect Industry Competition?

Rich Nuzum

Plenary Presentation

The Global Shifting Of Power And Influence

Professor Danny Quah

Panel Discussion 1

Economies In Transition: How Will It Affect Your Investments?

How interconnected are global economies and markets? With the world’s economies in various stages of transition, what would be the focus of investing?  Would it still be product driven or services driven or simply shift towards becoming more technology driven?  Would the focus still be on traditional markets?   Panelists in this session will share their views on various scenarios to consider in a changing world.
Christopher Gee
Professor Danny Quah
Chan Kum Kong
Dr. Jasslyn Yeo, CFA, CFTe
Rohan Singh

Lunch Speaker Presentation

What Is Alternative Data, And How Investors Are Using It To Find New Investment Insights?

Tony Ho


How Robo-Advisory Will Revolutionize The Way You Invest

Ned Phillips

Panel Discussion 2

Geopolitical Reverberations: What Can We Expect?

The influence of rapidly growing countries, unusual public policies, unprecedented migration, and independence referendums dominate the news daily.  While we are observing some remarkable regional areas of economic growth, we also see territories seeking independence and geopolitical tensions increasing between governments in other areas.  How are these issues likely to affect markets, and can we hope for some peaceful resolutions?
David Cui
Manu Bhaskaran
Mirza Baig
Roger McAvoy
Sean Taylor

Distinguished Guest Speaker

The Other Half Of Macroeconomics And The Fate Of Globalization

Richard Koo

Cocktail Reception

All Conference attendees are invited to the Cocktail Reception

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