Updated programme as at 13 March 2017

Day 1
Thursday, 23 March 2017

Panel Discussion 1

Uncovering Opportunities Amidst Uncertainties

In an environment where we face persistent threats of global recession, where even world leaders seem to run out of ideas to relieve economic pressures and stimulate growth, how do we navigate the current macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties? What are the key trends and triggers that will shape the global economy of the future? Join our expert speakers who will share their provocative and enlightening insights in this segment.
Prof Annie Koh
David Fernandez
Prof Pushan Dutt
Dr Razeen Sally

Panel Discussion 2

Rethinking Investment Strategies

As the financial landscape changes ever so quickly, the struggle to remain relevant while delivering consistent and positive returns has never been more intense. It is imperative that we review our investment models on how we design our strategies, how we manage our risks, and how we generate alphas in this challenging low growth, low inflation and low-yield environment. In this segment, our experts will share their views on how we can refine investment approaches to adapt to this new normal environment.
Amit Popat
Alvin Lee
Kunal Ghosh
Mark Wang
Ooi Boon Peng

Distinguished Guest Speaker

China's Economic Reform in a Party Congress Year

Professor Michael Pettis

Cocktail Reception

All Conference attendees are invited to the Cocktail Reception

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